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Spin by Darcie J. Gudger

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High school sophomore Kisrie Kelley has always been a misfit, a fact her nemesis Wendy, who’s bullied her since elementary school, won’t let her forget. Kisrie longs to fit in and feel normal, but is that even possible when color guard and photography are her only talents? Her Reese’s Peanut Butter cup addiction and a pestering “prodigy” little sister who thinks she’s a bush baby don’t help, and some days Kisrie contemplates moving to a different planet. Will she ever please her perfectionist mother and get to be just a normal teen?

But Wendy has troubles and secrets of her own. Her beauty pageant dreams are her only hope of escaping her poverty and her mother’s questionable lifestyle. Everything spins out of control, and cyberbullying takes things to a whole new level when Kisrie overhears Wendy plotting to spread vicious rumors about her English-teacher uncle. Kisrie must decide whether to snitch and risk Wendy’s wrath or shut up and watch her uncle’s career crumble.

Only the truth can set them all free, but will Kisrie be too late? Hilarious, heartbreaking, and honest, Spin is a novel you won’t soon forget.

$4.99 ebook, $10.99 paperback


Spin is Book #1 in the Guarded series. All books stand alone and can be read independently of each other, but for the best reading experience, we suggest reading them in order:

The series

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Darcie J. Gudger served on faculty at the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference and is in the process of writing her second book, Catch. Darcie has fifteen years experience as a competitive color guard director and was on staff of a WGI Semi-Finalist team, Malachi Independent. Darcie lives near Casper, WY with her husband, son, dog and blob. If not at her desk, she's likely to be found stalking moose, bison or antelope and considers coffee a form of currency. Darcie has a B.A. in psychology from Houghton College in NY and a M.A. in special education from the University of Colorado, Denver. Website:


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