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Under the Wire

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Under the Wire

Teen sisters Grey and Rin Alexander are barely surviving as Mazdaar resisters in the North American Wildlife Preserve. Danger lurks around every sandstone rock, but the girls are resourceful and have become smugglers to make ends meet. They have no idea their most perilous mission is about to begin. Are these outlawed siblings up to the challenge?

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Under the Wire is Book #.05 in the Jupiter Winds series. Each book stands alone entirely and can be read independently of each other, but for the best reading experience, we suggest reading them in order:

The series

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C. J.'s love of reading began when she was a kid dragging home bags of books from the library. When she was twelve she started dreaming about becoming a published author. That dream came true when her first novel Thicker than Blood won a national writing contest. She has also written Jupiter Winds and Jupiter Storm the first and second books in the Jupiter Winds series. Her children's fantasy Alison Henry and the Creatures of Torone has also been well received. C. J. lives in Pennsylvania with her whippets, two tabby cats, and a Paint mare named Sky.


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