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About Us

Founded in 2013, Mountainview Books, LLC is an independent publisher intent on bringing quality Christian fiction and a few select nonfiction books, directly to readers through a vast network of online distribution. For several years we’ve watched talented authors lose contracts with major publishers due to downsizing and mergers. We’ve also seen unpublished writers with amazing manuscripts labor through the frustrating process of searching for a publishing home only to have the journey end in disappointment with their manuscript buried in a slush pile, stuffed in a drawer, or languishing on their hard drive.

We don’t believe this should happen. We believe good stories deserve to be read and enjoyed! Our goal is to find promising manuscripts and bring them to readers. We also help indie and hybrid authors with our author design services.

We are an ACFW Recognized Publisher.

Why work with an indie publisher rather than self-publish?

Indie publishing is all the rage, and we’re excited to see authors embrace it. This means there are more books to read (and after all, we’re readers before anything else. But indie publishing isn’t for everyone. Some authors would much rather work with a professional team and not have to hire and work with a freelance designer or learn the ins and outs of design and formatting themselves. When you work with us, there are never any fees or costs for the author.

What royalty rate do you give authors?

Our contracts offer a straightforward 50/50 split on ebook and print net sales, and we pay royalties quarterly.

View our Submission Guidelines.