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Author Design Services

Since we publish only a few select titles each year, we have created Author Design Services so more authors can reach their readers. Whether you need proofreading, ebook formatting, cover design, manuscript editing, interior formatting, or a complete package, we’ll get your book ready to publish. We offer quick turnaround and affordable prices. And it’s easy!

Interior print formatting

Ebook formatting

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The Calling of Ella McFarland by Linda Brooks Davis is a finalist in the Carol Awards!

This award-winning novel already won Jerry B. Jenkins Writer Guild Operation First Novel contest in 2014.

Carol Award winners will be announced August 27th. For a list of the other finalists click here.

West for the Black Hills by Peter Leavell is a finalist in the historical fiction category of the Cascade Awards!

Winner will be announced August 17th. Click here to see a list of all the finalists.

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Friendly Revenge

By James Pence

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